In Our Summer 2015 Issue

Last Updated June 01, 2015
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Summer 2015 Issue Milwaukee cover


In Our Third Year, I Promise We'll Keep on Dishing

Dear Reader,

It’s been a wild ride since our summer issue hit the streets in May of 2013. The previous October, returning back to my home town after a decade away, I quickly understood that everyone I talked to about our impending launch fell into two camps.

The first group immediately understood what an Edible title meant for the city—that there finally would be a magazine completely devoted to the local and sustainable food movement gaining such strong momentum. In talking with them, I realized that our arrival was actually three or four years too late. There was so much to talk about, history and relationships already at play. The food stories kept coming like a zucchini harvest—and we tried to bake them into everything. In our third year, I promise we’ll keep on dishing.

The second group wasn’t as much in the know as far as nationally-recognized food magazine titles go (my parents among them)—but they were equally intrigued and supportive. We’re a city that loves food, after all. In the past few years, Milwaukee has gained national notoriety as a culinary destination—we’re no longer just a stop enroute to Chicago. We might haute up our cuisine, but we remain grounded in cooking and enjoying good food together.

That’s our strength as a city, I think. At our core, we’re still humble and blue collar. The spotlight is both flattering and uncomfortable—it forces us to grow in ways we might not necessarily be ready for. This is true for the city, and the food movement, and for our publication.

Now Edible Milwaukee finds ourselves in the same position as many of the businesses we profiled in this year’s fall issue [“Growing Pains for Local Entrepreneurs”], facing the need to expand. The 15,000 issues we distribute for free thanks to our community partners were snatched up in a month. Beginning with our summer issue, I’m proud to announce that we will print more magazines—our readers are asking for it. We’re gone on the road, near and to the furthest parts of our territory, which inspired the theme of the issue you’re about to read: Food as fuel to do fun things.

We rounded up food trucks into a guide for your summer noshing needs. We explored downtown waterways with the Milwaukee Kayak Company. We have a produce report of what’s in season at your local farmers market. Sanford D’Amato, of Sanford Restaurant fame, guest chefs for us with a story about corn and a recipe. We took a bento to the beach, tiffins on a trek and a picnic into the park, and we explored how food gives flavor and depth to life’s milestones.

Our columnists discuss dehydration (of granola and jerky, that is) and day drinking (gotta stay cool somehow). Finally, Judge Derek Mosley invites us all out to breakfast, to one of the top soul food restaurants in America. Get out there this summer, folks—there’s so much to eat and explore.

-Jen Ede, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Fuel Your Fun: Milwaukee's Portable Food

Whether you're lunching by the lake or picnicking in the park, take a look at some of our portable lunch carries to ensure your food arrives safe and sound.

Kohler and the American Club

kohler club
Walter Kohler, owner of Kohler company, created a village for his immigrant employees to live. The American Club was the designated spot for meals.

A Life of Meals

Our lives are filled with milestones, moments and memories that shape and define who we become. For some, food plays a big role.

Food Fight: Some Call It Dinner

Sanford D'Amato
My sister and I were prolific eaters from birth, and as we got older every dinner at our house was either a mental or physical fight for food. It was as if an announcer roared out over a loudspeaker...

Milwaukee's Mobile Munchies

mobile munchies
Over the past few years, Milwaukee’s food truck scene has all but erupted in a delicious explosion of mobile culinary options. Once a culinary landscape dominated by brick-and-mortar, traveling...

Milwaukee From a Different Angle

Like many Milwaukeeans, we drive over bridges and past the lakefront day after day, but to look at the city literally from the water lends us new eyes. This year we invite you to join us and kayak,...

Portable Provisions: Fuel Your Adventures with Dehydrated Treats

dried snacks
Summer activities require energy. Complex proteins and carbohydrates provide the most bang for your buck. Sure, you can grab a “food bar” of some sort, but with a little planning and preparation,...

Sunlit Sippin': Day Drinking is in Our DNA

The Wisconsin beckon to day drink is calling you. Whether you’re sipping beer, wine or spirit, you can have your fun and drink it, too.

The Littlest Heavy Lifter

With many crops dependent on native pollinators, it’s important to take steps encouraging native pollinators into our yard ensuring we can harvest our veggies.

Breakfast at Mr. Perkins: The Most Important Meals of the Day

derek mosley
An op-ed by Judge Derek Mosley reflecting on how getting breakfast each week at at Mr. Perkins restaurant has transformed into a weekly gathering among friends.

Strong Coffee, Strong Bodies

strong coffee company
Strong Coffee Company focuses on the formation of healthy habits by using existing habits and making them better by implementing Superfood ingredients into their brews.

Stems Cut Flowers Grows

emily watson
April showers bring May flowers… and, in the case of Stems Cut Flowers, a brand new brick-and-mortar location by the name of Wood Violet.

Prosit! Dinner in the Beer Garden

Dinner Garden Book
There is something special about the combination of summer sunshine, friends, good food and fresh beer. If you’re looking for a potential guide for bringing these four things into your life, beer...

Jerky: 6 Ways

From barbecue to paleo to mexican jerky, we give you six jerky recipes to give a whirl this summer.

Lacto-Fermented Granola

This fermented granola treat is great to make ahead of time for snacking at a later time.
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