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Last Updated September 01, 2015
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Come and Get It!

Dear Reader,

Whenever someone asks me how an upcoming issue of Edible Milwaukee is coming along, I often end up explaining the process as if publishing a magazine were the same as cooking or baking. “Oh, it’s still marinating.”

“No, it’s not ready yet, we’re just waiting on this last ingredient.”

“It’s going to be DELICIOUS. Almost done.”

“You’re definitely going to want seconds.”

“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”

Each quarter, we go out into the city and forage for our stories, bringing them back to our kitchen and experimenting to see what they’ll taste like. We draw inspiration from recipes collected along the way, and from the people whose work in local food makes Milwaukee such an incredible place to live, work and eat.

There is an interconnectedness to it all—a rich flavor profile that gives our city its depth. They say that too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth, but in our case, I think it makes for some mighty tasty soup. You can read about some of those cooks—no, literally, chefs—in two of our stories. Explore the ranks of Milwaukee’s restaurant groups and learn the few degrees of separation between so many of our hospitality professionals. Then, have dinner at home with another chef and his wife, an artist, who have combined their talents to offer a monthly collaborative dinner series with other chefs in town—their dishes, showcased on her plates.

In this issue, learn the history of supper clubs in the state, of Milwaukee party-cut pizza, and of Pabst Brewing Company. Enjoy pre-Prohibition drinks (and, in general, get the lowdown on how to order) at Bryant’s, the original cocktail lounge, and then let Guy Rehorst, owner of Great Lakes Distillery, educate you about Wisconsin’s once-booming (and currently reinvigorating) liquor industry.

Take note of what’s in season for the next few months from our Produce Report. Check out Sandy D’Amato’s latest article, along with his recipe for rustic pear and cheese pockets. And, if you’re heading back to school at this time of year, our Kids Table Q&A is a great resource for packing nutritious lunches you and your kids are sure to love.

So, come and get it! And, when you do, be sure to thank our community partners for helping us bring an amazing feast to you, season after season.

-Jen Ede, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Milwaukee Pizza: Why is it Cut Into Rectangles?

milwaukee pizza
In Milwaukee, the history of pizza began in 1945 with the Caradaro Club. Owned by two men who immigrated to the United States from Naples and Sicily, they combined their two pizza styles and thus the...

Nostalgic? Bryant's Takes you Back

Bryant’s, Milwaukee’s oldest cocktail lounge, opened their doors in 1938 and, after nearly a century of slinging drinks, they’ve clearly achieved cocktail nirvana.

Wisconsin Supper Clubs

Five O'Clock Steakhouse
For many Wisconsinites, the supper club is such a part of life that it’s easy to forget—or even realize—that it has little meaning outside state lines.

Behind the Kitchen Door

milwaukee chefs infographic
There are around 1,300 restaurants in Milwaukee—ranging from neighborhood mom-and-pop operations to expensive gustatory palaces, each vying for your attention.

Chefs Find Home in Smallwaukee

Kate's handmade pottery
Artist and chef couple, Dan and Kate, launched The Plate Collective, bringing together local chefs for a series of elaborate dinners served on Kate’s dishes.

Rosemary-Crusted Pear and Cheese Pockets with Candied Ginger

pear pockets
This “NOT-Tart” is Pop-Inspired   As a baby boomer I was a witness to the first generation of convenience foods. Not just a witness, actually—I had a front row seat from the age of 5...

Pabst Returns to Milwaukee

The Pabst Brewery had a presence in Milwaukee for 152 years, and now we hear it’s coming home. In many ways, Pabst Brewing Company never really left. It’s coming home to a place where many...

Our German Soldiers

POWS and ribs
During World War II, the United States was unsure of what to do with captured German troops, so they sent them to Wisconsin. This became a temporary home to 40,000 of these PW's.

Packing an A+ Lunch

packed lunch
We sat down with a couple of mom/registered dietitians, to pick their brains for quick and healthy lunch options for kids of all ages. Both agree that engaging kids in the lunch process makes all the...

Drink Local in Milwaukee

guy rehorst
Despite all the antiquated regulatory hurdles, several distillers in the Milwaukee area are beginning to make a name for themselves among a local audience.

Sinking Our Teeth Into Spain

Tapas and sangria aren’t the only things worth mentioning when it comes to Spanish cuisine. Thanks to Movida, Milwaukeeans are quickly becoming well-versed on all things Iberian.

The Best of the Booze-Less

Today’s bartenders are catering to teetotalers with concoctions that are just as complex and delicious as the real deal. Here's a few places to find them around the city.

SpotHopper's Individualized Approach to Grabbing a Drink

Tired of poor-performing review apps? SpotHopper, a local search engine provides personalized recommendations for bars, beers, cocktails and wines.

Last Bite: Fall 2015

last bite
In 2001, almost a full decade before local food became the thing it is in Milwaukee, The Social opened, one of the first restaurants to take European and Midwestern influences and bend them in an...
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